We, As the Event production experts draw attention to the top trends in lighting for 2020 Events such as festivals, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties etc.

Organizing an event involves lot of things like Décor, Furniture, Apparel or Linens, Lights, Audiovisual systems, flooring and of course, Catering. Assembling these aspects together form a Grand and Magnificent Celebration.

Lighting is definitely one of the most important thing of an event. It has the ability to transform the whole space. The lighting style has that power to create the positive vibe in the particular event. As there is a huge difference between the lighting design of a wedding than that of a corporate event. It’s all depend on the event management that how they develop that right mood which is essential according to the type of event with the help of Correct Lighting.

In the modern era, there is a falloff in the demand of traditional chandeliers. Instead of crystal chandeliers, we are working on new innovative & creative ideas in terms of LIGHTING & DÉCOR. Perfect Lighting colors and florals complements each other, we can create a balance in surroundings by pairing these with other current trending aspects gives breathtaking outcomes. Also, Florists getting really creative these days like using artificial flowers with colorful led lights or for creating vintage look Edison bulbs are used too. We can also add a beautiful string lights for creating that warm amber feel to the event space.

Also, Technology plays an important role in organizing events in 2020. As, Lighting gets benefit from the technology in more effective manner like there are mobile Apps that control the functioning of lighting equipments. With the help of technology we can change the intensity and colors of the lighting. In this digital world , we can show more creativity by using these modern aspects .

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